Serious about Off-Road!

After our first Rubicon trip back in 2000 we were hooked, between wheeling local trails such as Quack Attack, and Swartz Canyon along with out of state trips to the Rubicon, Fordyce, The Hammers, etc. We have built a lifestyle of wheeling. In 2008 we packed up our friends and family and headed off to the Rubicon Trail for our wedding at Rubicon Springs. Constantly while on wheeling trips we kept finding shortcomings with existing products and decided to quit our jobs and go all in with creating Total Metal Innovations.

Total Metal Innovations LLC. was started July 2011 after seeing ways to improve on weld on beadlocks and has since been striving to create innovative products while focusing on providing a quality valuable product.

We completely changed the weld on beadlock market when we released our patent pending Integrated Anti-Coning Technology and weld on beadlock draining feature. Becoming the industry leader in weld on beadlock kits and technology. Since starting Total Metal Innovations we have expanded our capabilities to include in-house cnc turning, milling along with a 100 ton press brake.

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